Building Bikes For Trips For Kids

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This past snowy March Saturday, we got to lead a fun group out of Georgia through our Bike Building program. The group entered the room to the pump up tunes of Jock Jams, and were divided up into teams. The teams had to compete in a few activities to earn dollars to buy bike supplies at our “Just Peachy” Bike Shop. We warmed them up with a couple rounds of bar style trivia, then kicked it up to a more competitive style of trivia. Once they were totally energized, we had them earn dollars at our extreme super-sized Jenga relay. This game has 5 people go up to the Jenga tower at once and take out blocks. This group of lawyers gave us a run for our money in the rule department. We saw twists to our rules that we have never seen before!

After the teams earned enough money to buy their bike supplies, teams got to work building their bikes. It was awesome to see how the teams worked together to not only put the bike together, they decorated a dry erase helmet, and put together a 60 minute commercial to present to group.  Big D’s presentation (one of the group’s presentations) blew the group away and took home the very honorable bragging rights.

In the end, all 10 bikes, 10 helmets, bike bells, and spoke lights were donated to Trips for Kids. They are an amazing organization who give kids the opportunity to get out and get on a bike. Check them out at





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