What-a-Wall…Can Do For You!

This is what a What-A-Wall can do for you….

We used the What-A-Wall At our big holiday events: Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Octoberfest and New Years Eve. The kids immediately flock to it when they first see it, we have had face painters, balloon animal artists, jump castles, etc and the kids gravitate toward the What-A-Wall. We have the lego wall, the chalk board and the magnet board. It is interesting to watch the kids go from one to another playing with the other kids as if there is nothing else going on around them. I have had parents & teachers come up to me at the events asking us where we got it: “this would be great for my classroom” ” this would be perfect for our kids play room in our basement.” The What-A-Wall is such a huge asset for us because it frees up a staff member to help with another activity going on and keeps kids of all ages entertained for hours! I highly recommend it!
Paul Shockley
Recreation Director
Keswick Hall & Golf Club
Forbes 5 Star Hotel
“What-A-Wall!” Great for entertaining children at dinner events!
Kari Bowman
Recreation Director
Salamander Resort and Spa
The giant corn hole and what-a-wall are still a huge hit at our property. We actually have used giant corn hole for numerous group events and showcase the game for site visits! Please send me any new products my way, love the giant game theme. I still am considering the giant connect four as well.
Kamiya Woodard
Director of Recreation
Harbor Beach Marriott Resort and Spa
But what is a What-A-Wall?
Our What-a-Wall is a free standing, interactive play wall that can accommodate large festivals to intimate gatherings.
What makes it amazing?
The What-a-Wall is inspired by 15 years in the Recreation and Events industry and by children’s museums. The Wall is interactive, exciting, and intuitive. We have chosen activities like a chalkboard, felt board, magnet board, and a Lego board that are proven favorites among your guests. The Wall encourages multi-generational play. The Wall is approachable, self explanatory, and needs little to no facilitation.
What Events It Accommodates?
The What-a-Wall can accommodate large festivals like holiday events to small groups like camps and pre-buffets seatings. It fits any space. Each panel can stand alone. The gutters along the bottom all access to the game pieces for any child of walking age.
How can I play with one?
The What-a-Wall can be rented locally, or we do custom orders for purchase.

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  1. My daughter paid no attention to me with all the fun activities. As a parent I was happy o see how much fun my little one had and I didn’t have to worry. Thanks Asheville Plays!

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