College Events

Creating college community through play. We specialize in bringing memorable events to your campus.


Whether you are planning your spring fling, orientation week, or your campus signature event, we will make your event stand out!

Line Relief

Do you have a favorite attraction like a caricature artist or license plate maker, but the line is always too long? Transform that line into an opportunity to play with the addition of our giant games!

Scavenger Hunts And Orientation Amazing Races

Welcoming your new crew of freshman and their families to your campus? Don’t just show them around, allow us to create an interactive and memorable scavenger hunt. They will meet new friends, discover new places, and most importantly, create new memories. Best of all, we can handle 100’s with our App-venture style scavenger hunt!

Coffee Shop Shake Up

Tired of the same old trivia nights in the coffee shop? Bring us in for a whole new game night. Our table top escape night combines the excitement of an escape room with the ability to handle large groups.

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